5 Examples of How Artificial Intelligence is Being Used Today

When computers were first developed, they could barely do anything more than simple calculations not to mention with considerable assistance from a human operator. Fast track to the present day, the situation is almost the complete opposite; we do not do even the simplest calculation by ourselves.

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You’ve noticed that when you search for anything on Google, ads related to what you’re searching for pop up all over. Better still if you log in to Facebook, you’ll notice that the posts that come up first belong to those friends you follow, like, or comment on their posts. These instances are what are referred to as artificial intelligence (AI). This is where the machine learns and acts like an entity with normal intelligence would except machines do so with the help of programs.

Although software engineers would argue that a true artificially-intelligent system is one that can learn on its own, here are five examples of AI in use today as we know it.

1. Virtual personal assistants

5 Examples of How Artificial Intelligence is Being Used Today

Virtual personal assistants help you find useful information using your voice commands. Like “Where is the nearest gas station?” Examples include Cortana, Google Now, and Siri which are on the three most common platforms: android, windows, and iOS.

Assistants find information by relying on that which is on your device or sending commands to other apps, process it, and then use it to serve you results as you prefer them as well as recognizing your voice.

2. Video games

5 Examples of How Artificial Intelligence is Being Used Today

This is one instance of artificial intelligence that almost everyone is familiar with. Video games are essentially simple but due to huge demand, a lot of money is invested every year in their perfection. Now, video game characters learn your behavior, respond to stimuli like tilting the screen, and even react in unpredictable ways.

A notable video game is 2014’s Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor that uses AI to assign non-player characters individual character, variable objectives, and provide them with memories of past interaction.

3. Online customer support

5 Examples of How Artificial Intelligence is Being Used Today

Majority of websites offer you the opportunity to chat with customer support as you browse. If you think you are chatting with a live person on the other side, chances are high that you are not. You may be chatting with a rudimentary AI support bot with automated responders.

Some even extract information from the website and present it to you when you ask for it. Although they’re not perfectly adept in understanding natural human language, advances in natural language processing (NLP) will see to it that they do.

4. Fraud detection

5 Examples of How Artificial Intelligence is Being Used Today

When you get a letter or email from your bank wanting to confirm a particular transaction, it’s on suspicion of fraud. The technology that your bank deploys to monitor this kind of fraud is artificial intelligence.

Computers are given an enormous sample of fraudulent and non-fraudulent activities and asked to learn to detect where an activity falls. After sufficient training, the computer system is able to detect fraud and luckily prevent it.

5. Automated machines

5 Examples of How Artificial Intelligence is Being Used Today

Lastly, there’s one AI application that is “terminator” like. In factories, processing outlets, or even in vending machines and cash machines, functions are automated. In developed factories, manual laborers are few as machines move things around, work on them, and put them together.

Artificial intelligence tells these machines what to do, when, and how to do it.

Winding up

This list is not exhaustive, talk of smart cars, prediction software etc. All in all, AI serves millions everyday in a million ways. Sometimes in obvious ways while sometimes not but it’s a fact it’s everywhere in our lives and impacts how we live it.

Dan Mitchell President & Solution Architect at Rack Simply
Dan Mitchell

President & Solution Architect at Rack Simply

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