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Every week we feature the best deals on the latest Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers, data storage arrays, and networking switches. Uncover unheard-of discounts on everything from blade servers, to 4U rack mount and get your project going on time and under budget.

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HPE Synergy

Prepare your business for the idea economy by streamlining your IT operation and processes. Also known as “Composable Infrastructure,” HPE Synergy is the Information Technology industry’s first composable solution. Compute, storage, and networking resources can quickly and programmatically be deployed and reclaimed, and controlled without human intervention.

HPE HyperConverged

Simplify IT operations and reclaim space by combining compute, storage, networking, virtualization, and management with the HPE HC380 and Simplivity380. The Simplivity380 is Hyper-Efficient, Hyper-Protected, Hyper-Simple, Hyper-Manageable, Hyper-Available, and leads to a data efficiency ratio of 40:1 with it’s data virtualization platform.

Discover the latest Generation 9 and Generation 10 rack mount servers. Ranging from 1U to 4U, with processor options from 1 to 4. The breadth and depth of the HPE server portfolio offers workload options of all sizes.

Discover the latest single processor and dual-processor ProLiant tower servers. Stand alone or mount in a rack. The HPE tower portfolio offers a broad range of compute and storage options for your agency or remote office environment.

Dan Mitchell President & Solution Architect at Rack Simply
Dan Mitchell

President & Solution Architect at Rack Simply

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