HPE CCLX x86 Media

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Mfg Part: BB086AA, Rack Simply Part: 105942

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  • HPE Serviceguard Continentalclusters for Linux - media
  • Networking applications - clustering / high-availability software
  • Linux

Looking for software to help with failovers? The HPE Serviceguard Continentalclusters offers push button failover across unlimited distances. Continentalclusters uses multiple clusters to provide application recovery. Applications run in the active/standby mode with application data replicated between data centers by either storage array-based data replication products or software based data replication. Scroll down below for more details and be sure to check out all Rack Simply for all of your hardware and software needs!

Product Description
HPE Serviceguard Continentalclusters for Linux - media
Product Type
Networking applications - clustering / high-availability software

System Requirements

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Product Line
HPE Serviceguard
Continentalclusters for Linux
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Networking applications
Network - clustering / high-availability software
Installation Type
Locally installed


  • Cluster to cluster failover with mutual recovery
  • Push button recovery – initiates a failover when you deem fit and automates the steps to recover applications
  • Fully integrated with HP Serviceguard Solution for Linux portfolio
  • Supports HP P9000/XP Continuous Access, HP P6000/EVA Continuous Access and HP 3PAR Remote Copy, EMC Symmetrix
  • Remote Data Facility (SRDF) when used with HP Serviceguard for Linux Enterprise edition


  • It provides data protection with advanced cluster arbitration mechanisms that prevent data corruption.
  • HP Serviceguard provides a higher level of availability by protecting your applications from a wide range of hardware, software, network, and storage errors.
  • With predefined and informative cluster- and package-configuration templates, you’ll get HP Serviceguard up and running quickly.
  • Editable ASCII configuration files enable simple customization and replication.
  • By supporting HP 9000 servers, HP Integrity servers, and HP ProLiant servers, HP Serviceguard gives you the ability to leverage your existing hardware, support your consolidation efforts, and ease the migration to newer platforms.
  • Predefined scripts for databases and applications make it quick and easy for you to deploy complex high-availability configurations.
  • A range of tools included in HP Serviceguard helps you expedite the process of developing scripts for your custom applications.
  • Disaster tolerance and data replication are possible across partitions, nodes, and data centers. Furthermore, because there are no geographic limitations, your data centers can communicate across continents.
  • Application installation and ongoing management are simplified – especially for Oracle Real Application Cluster databases – plus you will experience significant I/O performance improvements.
  • A set of tools is available to provide you with policy-based configuration management for Serviceguard clusters.
  • Serviceguard comes with centralized logging and advanced log-filtering features along with additional support so you can create a highly available log-consolidation server.