HPE 8TB 6G SATA – 7.2K RPM – LFF – 512E – SC – MDL – HDD

Mfg Part: 819203-B21 | Rack Simply Part: 100530

Product Details


    Product Details

      Interested in a Hard Disk Drive that is performance-based, reliable, compatible, and secure? This HPE Hard Disk Drive has what you need and many more features! For more information, read below! If this hard drive does not interest you, refer to the storage page on Rack Simply!


      • Performance, Reliability, Compatibility, and Security


      • Performance;
        • HPE HDDs are tuned and tested with on-going quality monitoring throughout their life cycle.
        • HPE optimizes HDD firmware for predictable and consistent HDD performance.
        • Full portfolio of high-performance Mission Critical and high-capacity Business Critical drive solutions.
      • Reliability;
        • HPE’s industry-leading rigorous testing and qualification program, backed by 2.4 million test hours.
        • Pre-failure Alerts with HPE Smart Array Controller, Systems Insight Manager, and HPE Smart firmware.
        • 3x faster firmware and software updates with HPE Service Pack for ProLiant (HPE SPP).
        • Best-in-class supply assurance program reduces downtime due to product delays.
      • Compatibility;
        • Simplify HDD planning and standardize HDDs across HPE server and storage solutions.
        • Common HDD carriers mean re-purposing drives in other servers is a snap.
      • Security:
        • HPE Digitally Signed Firmware helps prevent against malicious attacks.
        • HPE Smart Array SR Secure Encryption is a FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated enterprise class controller-based encryption solution for data-at-rest on all SAS/SATA drives.
        • HPE Smart Carriers report drive activity and health.

      HPE 8TB 6G SATA 7.2K LFF 512E SC MDL HDD