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We're the Data Center People

We’re living in an era of data explosion. Now more than ever, businesses face the pressure to compete at new levels. The pressure to be nimble, and adapt. The pressure to reach new channels and new markets while gathering actionable insights. To get there, you need a transformational partner that moves at the speed of your business.

What We Do


Design / Architecture

Real-Time Availability

Rack Simply’s group of pre-sales engineers and IT logistics experts have designed and implemented data center solutions from core to edge. When you need to refresh outdated servers, expand your data storage, or uncover ways to consolidate resources and optimize your data center, Rack Simply is there. Rack Simply positions your organization for economic success by eliminating the typical bottlenecks of an IT procurement cycle.

Simplifying technology in an ever-changing world

— our motto

Core Values

We practice a customer first philosophy. We believe in the power of diverse thought, experience, and background. Furthermore, we tenaciously strive to learn more, know more, and add more value.

Meet Our Team

We’re a team of Information Technology engineers, software developers, data center architects, and logistics experts. We love using technology to solve customer pain points.

In the Community

We believe in cultivating a diverse and philanthropic workforce that strives for greatness beyond ourselves. We’re involved in supporting specific local and national charities.

Core Competencies

From the client, to the data center, our core competencies span a broad range of areas. Our core knowledge base lies in servers, storage, networking, and Hyper Converged solutions.

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