What’s New About the HPE DL380 Gen10 Server?

HPE has decided to go big with the server business; showing us the world’s best to date. With the latest in security, performance, and expandability, the HPE Proliant DL380 Gen10 Server delivers greatness with the backing of a very comprehensive warranty. This has consistently put HPE’s Proliant DL380 at the top of the bestseller lists around the world. There’s a lot to be excited about with the new Gen10.  Here’s some information on their newest flagship server.

What's new about the HPE DL380 Gen10 server

New features

Security enhancements

Security on the Gen10 servers is top notch. Your new Proliant is protected with HPE’s Secure Root of Trust, before you ever take it out of the box. HPE’s iLO5 will check to make sure all of your firmware is HPE signed and make sure no malicious code has been injected during the shipping process.

The HPE Secure Compute Lifecycle provides exceptional security enhancements which include firmware recovery and protection as well as malware detection. If a threat is discovered and firmware gets compromised, the server enters a recovery mode where you can quickly make it operational again by restoring the firmware to a previous authenticated state.

The new server has four chassis types with optional chassis intrusion options that also serve to enhance security.

Persistent memory

HPE offers the best persistent memory in the market with up to 27 times faster application checkpoint operations and as much as 20 times faster restores. Data resiliency databases and the ability to handle huge analytic workloads is expected of a good server but the Proliant DL380 has even higher capacity NVDIMM to tear through demanding workloads.

Persistent memory combines ultimate memory performance with the persistence of traditional storage. HPE’s latest generation of persistent memory provides double performance at 16GB NVDIMM compared to the first generation at half the latency.

What's new about the HPE DL380 Gen10 server

Intelligent system tuning

To save on energy and match the unique needs of each workload, the Gen10 server incorporated the new intelligent system tuning technology that allows for the adjustment of processor performance either upwards or downwards. This optimizes workload performance with customized profiles that help in the management of internal resources.
The new technology levels and balances frequency fluctuation (jitter smoothing) and also makes do with a few processors but delivers higher performance.

Intel scalable processors

HPE’s Proliant DL380 Gen10 Server leverages the latest Intel Xeon Processor Scalable family in support of industry standard technology. These processors are work load optimized so as to support even the most demanding enterprise data centers and hybrid cloud infrastructures. From critical applications to the smallest workloads, these processors deliver powerful and scalable performance at the same time.

With up to 28 cores, 12Gb SAS and 3.0 TB of HPE DDR4 SmarMerory, this family includes:

  1. Intel Xeon Platinum

With record breaking leaps in I/O, memory, network technologies, and storage, these processors take the title for the industry best performance in critical and hybrid cloud workloads. They also boast artificial intelligence, real-time analytics, and machine learning capabilities. Features include:

  • 8+ socket support
  • Up to 28 cores
  • Up to 12TB memory
  1. Intel Xeon Gold

When you have storage workload, high performance, reliability, and hardware-enhanced security needs, Xeon Gold processors are where to look. They are built for demanding data centers and hybrid cloud computing networks. Features are:

  • 4 socket support
  • Up to 22 cores
  • Up to 6 TB memory
  1. Intel Xeon Silver

For small and medium IT enterprises that are still growing with performance, security, and storage needs, Xeon Silver processors do a commendable job. Features include:

  • 2 socket support
  • Up to 12 cores
  • Up to 1.5 TB memory
  1. Intel Xeon Bronze

These processors are optimized for performance in small businesses with basic storage needs. Features are:

  • 2 socket support
  • Up to 8 cores
  • Up to 1.5 TB memory
What's new about the HPE DL380 Gen10 server


The new generation HPE Proliant DL380 Gen10 Server delivers up to 71% better performance with a core count increase of 27%. So when HPE says their server got better, they’re not just boasting. At the moment, one HPE Proliant server ships every 14.6 seconds, making it the undisputed market leader in the server business.

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